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Perl QA Hackathon

Posted on: 09 , April 2013

Perl Quality Assurance Hackathon 2013

North West England

What is the QA Hackathon?
A free to attend coding workshop for people involved in Quality Assurance, testing, packaging, CPAN, and other projects related to quality assurance. 

The workshop is not necessarily exclusive to Perl projects, however, many of the attendees will be planning to work on projects that have a direct benefit to the Perl language.

In addition to this we seek sponsorship, donations and support from interested groups to help run the event. Many of the attendees will have a proportion of their costs refunded, accommodation and food catered for and are required only to spend their valuable time to attend.

The Perl QA Hackathon is the next in a series of annual events, following on from successful Hackathons in:
Oslo 2008
Birmingham 2009
Vienna 2010
Amsterdam 2011
Paris 2012

These events were a great success for the Perl and Open Source communities, as well as the attendees.

When, and where, is it happening?

The hackathon is a three day event that will take place from Friday April 12th to Sunday April 14th 2013.