Posted By: Robinsons Electric

Robinsons Helps lost reception

Posted on: 03 , December 2012

November 29th 2012

Robinsons Electric have helped a few hapless Lancaster residents after their televisions lost reception when the new wind turbine at the University started turning recently.

Those who were directly in line with the transmitter at Winter Hill found they lost reception when the turbine started and phoned Robinsons Electric asking for advice. Following investigations by our aerial engineers it was found that it was indeed the fault of the blades deflecting the signals and various solutions were offered to sort the problem out.

For more on this story "TV's on the blink as turbine turns" see the Lancaster Guardian Newpaper - 29.11.12 edition.

Note: This is of course the sort of advice that an independent retailer of many years experience can normally address quickly and efficiently.


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