FGH Security have been busy Keeping People Safe in a slightly different industry to usual.  A lot of people know the company for the work they do locally but they do go further afield.  Usually right now, they would have just finished working at the Grand National and be preparing for summer, working at places like Glastonbury Festival and Kendal Calling.

Since the lock-down started, FGH Security pivoted their organisation to start supplying supermarkets and assisting primarily with social distancing.  They have temporarily consolidated another sixty security companies from every corner of the UK (including Scotland, Wales, the Isle of White and even Truro).  This sees them supplying 500 supermarkets every day, with extra security and queue marshals; maintaining 1500 full-time jobs, and working over 50,000 hours per week as Key Workers.

The team say the work is not that different to usual and one commented: “we are used to people and organising queues, we know how to manage capacities, we like to be polite and occasionally we need to defuse some upset people due to the rationing restrictions.  It is great to be able to keep earning, keep busy and support our community as Key Workers right now.  We are keeping people safe like we always have done”.