Follow Up: Security Break In

I hope you are all well.

Further to my email last week, I just wanted to inform you that the police are still undertaking the investigation into the theft and are currently going through CCTV footage from all the cameras on the estate.

The 2 guard presence in the evening and through the night is continuing until further notice with one guard undertaking regular patrols and the other viewing the CCTV.

As previously mentioned, our CCTV provider has visited site and is currently drawing up a specification for internal cameras and related costs.  I am also in discussions with a company who provides electronic access software.  I will keep you updated on this when I know more.

In the meantime, could I please ask that you remind staff to remember to lock the external doors behind them when exiting the building after 6 pm and, as an additional measure, could you please inform the security guard in the event of working late in the evening.  The guard can be contacted on 01524 585360 or 07557 684123.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.