Growth Accelerator

GrowthAccelerator is a business support service aimed at companies in England with the potential to achieve rapid, sustainable growth. A network of business experts will provide 1:1 coaching to help companies overcome barriers to growth and achieve their ambitions. The service is delivered by the private sector in partnership with government. Benefits include the services of an experienced business coach, six half day high growth workshops and access to up to match funding for Leadership and Management training. Companies must be SMEs and registered in England.


Examples of GrowthAccelerator projects:

  • Developing a sales and marketing strategy
  • Support for a major change project
  • Exploiting new markets, including overseas
  • Designing and implementing lean manufacturing processes
  • Helping an online retailer maximise sales.

There are no restrictions on sectors – so retail is included – and no postcode lottery.
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What it involves;

  • 1:1 coaching from a business expert, with specific experience relevant to your business. Scope of support and specific deliverables agreed at the outset.
  • Six half day high growth workshops
  • Up to £2,000 per person match funding for Leadership & Management training
  • Connectivity to other relevant sources of business support
  • Company contribution required depending on size: <10 employees: £600 +VAT; 10 – 49 employees: £1,500 +VAT; 50+ employees: £3,000 + VAT.

Our Growth Coaches have proven track records in helping SMEs accelerate their growth. They know how to lead you to ideas that can transform your business.


  • Based in England
  • Registered in England (or a Partnership)
  • Fewer than 250 staff (FTEs)
  • Under £40m turnover
  • Not owned by a non-SME
  •  >=20% growth ambition for the next 3 years
  • Able and willing to invest your own time in the project.