Mindfulness is becoming more widely accepted as a valuable
business skill, but this mental fitness tool can also be a key

differentiator for your business.

A byproduct of training our minds, is that we learn to think

and respond more creatively and strategically. These strengths

are essential in the increasingly competitive and challenging

business environments we find ourselves in.

The benefits of mindfulness at work

It is well known that mindfulness practices help us manage

stress and anxiety more effectively, but there are also other

positive outcomes from learning to be mindful:

1. Helps us to communicate more effectively

2. Raises our energy levels

3. Improves our focus and concentration

4. Unlocks our creativity and brainstorming abilities

5. Enables more flexible thinking and improves decision


6. Strengthens our resilience in the face of change and


By supporting more mindful work practices, you will help your

people to thrive, which in turn helps your business to grow.

Research by The School of Life indicates that happy, healthy

people at work are 30 per cent more productive, make 30 per cent

more sales, and are three times more creative.

Ways to practice mindfulness at work

1. Breathe with intention

Engaging in controlled breathing exercises helps to oxygenate

your brain. which improves your creative ability and helps you to

be more calm and focused, so that you can think more clearly and

make better decisions. Apart from engaging in conscious breathing

as part of a regular meditation and/or yoga practice, you can

also do it for a few minutes sitting at your desk/p>

2. Change your surroundings

Take regular breaks. Step away from your desk and chat with

your colleagues face-to-face (not via chat message or email). Get

outside for some fresh air and focus more intentionally on what’s

happening in your environment

3. Reduce your distractions

Initiate set times during the day to do ‘single task’ work

with no distractions. Close your inbox and unnecessary browser

tabs (including social media) during this time. Keep your phone

in your drawer or bag, and turn off sounds and notifications that

impact on your ability to focus.

These simple steps can have a profound effect on performance

and productivity. Helping your team to engage more mindfully at

work, and with their work, is sound business practice. It

benefits your team and bottom line, and helps you to grow your


So, give some thought to what you and your team are putting

your mind to at work?

Michelle Bondesio is a communications and behaviour design

consultant. Her mindfulness-focused workshops support business

teams to build their resilience, unlock more of their creativity

and improve their productivity.

She set up the business after receiving support through

Boost’s Growth Support Programme and now reaches a wide network

of business clients across the county. Read her growth story

here: Stress-busting business mentor gets a Boost

She is also hosting a Growth Session event: Power Up Your

Productivity at Society1 on Wednesday April 17 with further

Growth Sessions planned in the near future.

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