Lancaster China Catalyst Programme

Driving UK Business Growth through International Innovation

The £5.1 million Lancaster China Catalyst Programme was created by Lancaster University and is part-funded by the Higher Education Funding Council’s Catalyst Fund, the University and Lancashire County Council. Key partners in the project are the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, UK Trade and Investment, China-Britain Business Council, and the Technology Strategy Board.

The Lancaster China Catalyst Programme is specially designed to suit business needs for international growth and innovation, and bring UK companies significant return on R&D investment in terms of time and resources.


A staged programme of mentoring, development and support to realise partnerships with commercial partners in China

  • Access to collaborative partners within China for new product and service development
  • A programme of planned visits to China and Chinese-partner visits to the UK
  • Dedicated human resources via an experienced UK and China-based support team
  • A dedicated team of graduates with science and technology, management and design expertise
  • Access with Chinese partners, to significant grant investment from Chinese government funders
  • Access to expertise from across Lancaster University and Chinese academic partners to underpin product or service R&D and commercialisation

What it involves;

Leveraging over £70k of support, the programme is comprised of 3 phases, with the initial phase costing £2k, the second £3k and the final phase £5k. Companies can progress to whichever phase of the company they choose.

This is in addition to the commercial value accruing to your company and any grant monies from Chinese partners will be working with you to secure. This initiative will inevitably help open up new or additional routes and markets for your company internationally.


Do you own or work for a high tech company that aspires to grow through R&D and innovation? The Lancaster China Catalyst Programme will provide UK companies with a significant package of support to develop R&D partnerships with Chinese counterparts in Guangdong Province, underpinned by the opportunity to access significant grant investment. You will be fully supported by a team of dedicated experts and graduates in the UK and China to develop new products and services for global markets.