Lancaster LEAD® is a ten month programme which has been specifically designed by Lancaster University Management School for owner-managers of small to medium sized businesses. The programme concentrates on two areas of the business: the business itself and the personal development of the owner-manager, providing a framework to increase profitability, innovate and grow the business.


LEAD consists of 6 main elements:

What it involves;

LEAD is a 10 month intensive development programme and requires significant commitment from the participants. It is essential that delegates commit to all elements of the programme in order to achieve maximum benefit.

On average delegates commit to 2 to 3 days per month.

Independent evaluation of LEAD shows that graduates have, on average, seen increases in profit (70% of participants), turnover (55%), employment (49%) and productivity(65%).


The LEAD programme is for owner/managers, directors or anyone within the business that is able to implement change; we also ask that you are committed to the course. Businesses accepted onto LEAD should have a minimum of 5 employees and have ambitions to grow the business further.