Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS)

MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) is funded by BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills). MAS is designed to help manufacturers grow their businesses, increase profit, reduce waste, become more energy efficient and generally improve performance. Further, more detailed information about MAS can be found at: or 0845 658 9600


  • Innovation – assisting in growing top line sales and employment through new product development, innovation and business strategy programmes.
  • Strategy – assisting clients to plan for growth by combining best practice with tailored regional plans designed to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and plan for a suitable future.
  • Operational Improvement – assisting to identify constraints, quantify impacts and design transition plans to realise targeted operational output.
  • Supply Chain – assisting to realise efficiencies through improved coordination with suppliers and customers.
  • Finance – assisting clients by providing consultancy tailored to their financial requirements including manufacturing market insights, bespoke research into key markets, one-to-one strategic support and financial consulting from manufacturing experienced staff.

We don’t fund anything that is statutory or capital equipment (except tooling for new products)

What it involves;

SUBSIDISED CONSULTANCY SUPPORT FOR SMEs – MAS can provide up to 50% of the cost of an expert to help you improve your business:

  • Step-Change – up to £3,000 and 50% subsidy towards improvement projects
  • Further projects can be supported at a reduced percentage: 2nd project up to 40% and the 3rd project up to 30% of cost.


  • Are you a Manufacturing company
  • Do you employ fewer than 250 staff
  •  Do you have a turnover of  <£50m
  • And/or an annual balance sheet not exceeding £43m