Student Consultancy Projects

Lancaster University Management School is offering an excellent opportunity for businesses to team up with a group of undergraduate or postgraduate students. Students work in a small group on a consultancy basis to conduct research or solve challenging business issues. The students possess an excellent understanding of the principles of business management and their studies equip them with the knowledge required to provide companies with assistance across a diverse range of disciplines.


Depending on the project, students work in groups of two to seven with projects covering a whole range of business issues including:

  • Management (Operations)
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Project Management
  • Business Planning / New Venture Set up
  • Human Resources Management

What it involves;

Projects are available throughout the year giving companies a chance to tap into student resource when they deem necessary. Project length varies from two to twenty. The majority of projects are carried out from Lancaster University so no direct day-to-day supervision will be required and you will not need to accommodate them in the company offices.

Students give their time free of charge; however we do ask that the client reimburses any costs that the students incur. All expenses are agreed between the client and student group at the start of the project.


Any business is eligible for a student consultancy project.