Lancaster On Ice, the Ice Rink and Winter Wonderland arena in Dalton Square has been hailed a major success by its organisers.

Martin Horner and Chris Selkirk estimate over 36,000 people have skated during the 6-week project whilst many more have attended as spectators.

“We’re over the moon,” said Martin, “It’s been a major success for the city.”

Approximately 40% of bookings came from outside the LA1 to LA6 postcode areas, meaning a significant number of visitors from further afield came to Lancaster to visit the rink. Locally too there were some great successes, with over 300 school children taking part in free skate lessons delivered by Laura Sandham School of Dance and United Utilities donating 800 tickets to families affected by poverty over Christmas.

“Some of the highlights involved the charity partners, the successful St John’s Hospice Monday’s attracting thousands of skaters and the Unique Kidz and Co skates ensuring some particularly special moments for children affected by various disabilities,” said Chris.

The decommissioning of the event will take place over the coming days but work has already started for next years event.

“We’ll be sitting down with key local stakeholders to see how we can improve the proposition for next year,” Martin added.

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