10 Principles For Leading A High-Growth Business

Posted on: 01 , March 2018

John Leach, chairman of Winning Pitch, outlines 10 ways for high-growth business leaders to help their business break through to the next level.

1. Develop yourself – Embrace change and commit to personal development. Only if you grow and develop yourself, will the business grow and develop.

2. Show leadership – Highly tuned leadership and management capability lies at the heart of strong profitable growth. An ability to enthuse others, set and execute strategy is paramount. Internal and external leadership must be displayed at all times.

3. Be future-focused – Shared clarity of vision and strategy is a must. A practical game plan with clearly defined roles and responsibilities is paramount – success is based on 20% thinking and 80% doing. Work on and not just in your business.

4. Build a great team – Thinkers, sellers, doers and controllers provide the balance needed to build high growth momentum. Create a culture where values and behaviours are aligned to delivering great service both interally and externally.

5. Be disciplined with systems and processes – Innovation and entrepreneurial flair must be tempered with the implementation of a robust set of disciplined systems, processes and controls. The appropriate dials on the dashboard (KPIs) will provide a real time picture of the company state of health. Finance, sales, pipeline, customer service – be clear on the crucial dials for your business.

6. Gain an edge through innovation and creativity – Drive innovation into the processes and functions of your company and practice alternative thinking. Be clear on your points of difference and embed a culture of freshness. Fusion of ideas to create new ones helps to drive the “innovative edge”. Have a voice in your sector – be seen as a mover and shaker.

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