Is Your Business Ready For Digital Marketing Success?

Posted on: 23 , April 2018

Lauren Grice, Head of Partnerships at Bespoke Digital Agency, a Boost & Co member, offers some advice on how growing businesses can increase their odds of digital marketing success.

Why can some businesses use digital to dominate their sector whilst others invest time and money with only modest success?

The businesses that dominate through digital follow many of the same principles and if you employ them too, you can move towards elite level digital marketing.

Digital marketing success factors

So ask yourself this; are you and your team set up to deliver high growth through digital? There are four ways in which you can identify where you are strong and where you need to improve. A simple five minute test can help, by allowing you to score your own marketing efforts compared to that of a high growth business. You can score yourself on:

Strategy: How clear and well researched is your digital strategy?

Businesses that achieve high growth online have thorough and well researched digital strategies in place. The digital strategy document is shared amongst everybody involved in delivering the campaigns and is used in monthly reviews to make sure campaigns are on track.

Companies that donít perform as well online often donít have a documented strategy.

Allies: Do you have the best people around you to deliver it?

Businesses that achieve high growth online have the best teams in place to create their digital marketing strategy, and then deliver on it. They normally have the right mix of in-house and external expertise and everybody is aligned behind the published strategy and understands the outcome that needs to be achieved.

Companies that donít perform as well often donít have the best experts or team structure.

Foundations: Are the foundations in place for you to succeed online?

Businesses that achieve high growth have strong foundations in place in terms of the systems and resources that are available for their teams to use. There has normally been good planning, research and investment to put these in place.

Companies that donít perform as well have often made some investment but the foundation is not complete or not strong, so much of their subsequent digital spend is wasted.

Everyday: Does your daily activity match that of high growth businesses?

Businesses that achieve high growth conduct highly effective work on a day-to-day basis. They do this in a structured way and base all work on their published strategy and the research and insights they have on file.

Companies that donít perform as well are more sporadic in their work or push out a mixture of messages that donít leave customers clear on their proposition.

Improve your ScoreÖ

If you donít know where your digital marketing stands, now is the time to evaluate it. With the right strategy, allies, foundations and repeatable activity, SMEs can achieve digital marketing success and dominate their sector.

Take our Digital Test to assess the extent to which your business is setup to achieve high growth. Use your scores to help focus your digital marketing efforts in the right areas.

Bespoke Digital Agency organise a series of digital marketing workshops and audits, as well as a 6-month Digital Accelerator Programme, moving you to a strategy mindset ahead of your competitors. To find out more, contact Bespoke on 01772 591100 or visit

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